GwMA Goes "Back to School" at Grayson Tech for their October Meeting

November 1, 2018
Bender Hyndman Photo
GwMA President Barbara Bender and Grayson Tech Assistant Principal Jerilyn Hyndman featured at the GwMA October 3rd Meeting

GwMA members and guests were treated to an evening of information and demonstration of program results by the facility and students of Grayson Technical School on October 3, 2018.  The evening began with tours conducted by Grayson Tech Student Ambassadors and opportunities for attendees to visit classrooms, laboratories and program specialty facilities of the school. 
Guests were served refreshments and meals prepared by students from the culinary department and Chef Matt Neal.  After calling the meeting to order GwMA President Barbara Bender recognized representatives from the Gwinnett Water Resources Department for a brief announcement and then introduced Grayson Tech’s Assistant Principal Jerilyn Hyndman for the evening’s program.
Assistant Principal Hyndman provided a history and status of Grayson Tech:
  • Grayson Technical Education Program opened in August of 2004
  • The program is a concurrent program within Grayson High School, but serves all Gwinnett County High Schools
  • The schedule is conducted on a one half-day block.  Students attend their home high school for 3 periods, and Grayson Tech for 3 periods
  • Students provide their own transportation to and from Grayson Tech
  • The Staff of Grayson Tech includes: 12 program teachers, 2 CTI Coordinators, 1 Counselor, 1 Paraprofessional, 2 Clerks and 1 Assistant Principal.
Participating students receive intense, concentrated instruction in a specific career field that prepare them for industry certification exams and opportunities for internships linked to industry professionals.  The programs help prepare students for college through use of the blended instructional model.  
GwMA attendees were impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism demonstrated by the staff and students during the event.  Thank you to all the Grayson Tech and Gwinnett County Public School representatives that made this visit possible.