GwMA Officials October Meeting at the Discovery Center in Lawrenceville

October 15, 2016

GwMA officials and members met at the Discovery Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia for their October, 2016 meeting. The Discovery Center is a joint initiative of Gwinnett County Public Schools and Junior Achievement of Greater Atlanta. The Lawrenceville center is the second facility sponsored by Junior Achievement and is dedicated to the students of Gwinnett County.  Junior Achievement was founded in 1919 and is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students in grades K-12 about financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship, The Gwinnett JA Discovery Center was opened in in 2015.  

At the Discovery Center students are presented with opportunities to understand how academics apply to the real world.  In turn, they are more motivated in the classroom and ultimately achieve higher academic and professional success. The JA Discovery Centers allows students to use the concepts learned in the classroom for authentic and business experience. The Discover Center is divided into two main areas: JA BizTown and JA Finance Park. The students  work alongside peers and volunteers to build on their understanding of financial concepts, skills for use in the 21st century business world  and expand their knowledge of the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Junior Achievement's Derek Kellogg, Vice President of Program Operations, was the primary speaker for the October GwMA program.  GwMA members were encouraged to volunteer wo work with the program in support of Gwinnett County Public Schools and their importance for our Gwinnett cities.