Sugar Hill hosts GwMA in their new Eagle Theater and E Center

August 13, 2019
Gwinnett Municipal Association members welcomed our esteemed Gwinnett Delegation of State House Representatives and Senators along with two representatives from the Governor’s Office for a meeting in Sugar Hill on Wednesday, August 7, 2019. The City of Sugar Hill put on its newest and finest for the guests.  The evening began with a reception and networking event housed in the new Eagle Theater.  The dinner and program were held next door in the new Sugar Hill E Center.  Mayor Steve Edwards welcomed meeting attendees with a “short and sweet” greeting.  Several Sugar Hill elected officials and senior staff represntatives were on hand to conduct tours of the venues and talk about future plans and development for Sugar Hill.  In addition to city representatives GwMA welcomed officials from Gwinnett County, Georgia Municipal Association and Evermore CID.

The key comments of the evening were shared by the 13 Gwinnett Delegation House and Senate members that joined GwMA to share their thoughts and comment on the upcoming Georgia General Assembly session about subjects of importance and impact on local governments.  GwMA structured the evening in a “Hometown Connection” format that allows for sharing and dialog among elected officials with common interests. 

GwMA President (and Snellville Mayor) Barbara Bender expressed a positive view of the evening: “We (GwMA) host every year to allow City, County and State Officials an opportunity to forge relationships between the elected officials in office to represent our citizens. It is much easier to work through issues and find common ground in disagreements when you know the person you interacting with. Thank you to the Gwinnett Delegation for taking the time to attend!”